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So Easy 3 Day Cleanse

So Easy 3-day colon cleanse with Wheatgrass is a thorough and complete cleansing program that removes chronic fecal matter. It’s the only colon cleansing product that has OIL PALM FIBER – an ingredient that helps expel toxic substances that normal bowel movement is unable to remove.

It is a complete diet program that replaces all regular meals. This “fasting” process is necessary to allow the digestive system to naturally eliminate hard to remove waste and rebuild damaged cells and tissues within the system. With a cleaner digestive system, the nutrients blended into each sachet of So Easy are better absorbed and assimilated by the body to facilitate the continuous removal of chronic waste and toxins.

The So Easy Cleanse is a complete regimen that rests the intestinal system and replaces your meals for 3 days. The program aims to remove all toxins from your body.

Take the 3 Day Challenge

One set contains 3 Day Cleanse System, which includes 3 boxes (one for each day) that provide complete nutrition for three whole days including the wheatgrass, electrolyte drinks and 3 thick and tasty shakes containing the patented oil palm trunk fiber.

Who needs to undergo colon cleansing?

Individuals who are experiencing illnesses or have health history of the following need to undergo colon cleansing. Read Here to view the list.

Why Colon Cleanse?

After you have known and learned a lot of information about colon cleansing, it is now the best time for you to cleanse and detoxify your body organs. Read more.

Have More Questions?

Have more questions about the cleansing program? View more FAQ’s here.

Many of our customers have told us it felt like the mucoid plaque (encrusted fecal matter) slipped right out effortlessly.


The cleanse has been studied to give you more energy. It also gets rid of flatulence, gas, bloating, excessive waste in your body, constipation, impaired digestion.

Here’s some more of the cleanses’ key benefits:
Assists in the detoxification of the body
Provides an all-natural energy boost
Helps promote regular bowel movements
Helps support your heart and immune system
Helps relieve minor digestive issues
Replenishes digestive enzymes


What You Need To Know

So Easy Cleanse

So Easy is made from 100% natural ingredients – Wheatgrass, fruits, and vegetable extracts, palm oil powder and enzymes.

Got questions?

Will I be hungry? Will I have diarrhea? What to expect? How does it taste? How does it look like? We got answers for you.

Mucoid Plaque

It may be hard and brittle; wet and rubbery; soft thick and mucoid; or soft, transparent and thin. And sometimes has a foul odor.

So Easy Program

A 3-day colon cleansing program that aims to remove all toxins in your body system and promote a new healthier you.


So Easy Cleanse is Powered By Wheatgrass

Life Sustaining Food

A nutrient factory containing protein, vitamins, minerals, and more than 80 enzymes.

Rich in Chlorophyll

A great internal detoxifier

Loaded with Anti-Oxidants

A highly potent neutralizer of very harmful free radical toxins.

Alkaline King Foods

Great at neutralizing body acidity by helping pH balance.

Packed with Nutrients

Dr. Scnabel discovered that 15 lbs of Wheatgrass is equals 300 pounds of vegetables.

Rich in Abscisic Acid

A plant hormone.




I am writing this testimony because I am just blown away that this product actually does what it says it does. To remove the Mucoid Plaque in 3 days is nothings short of a miracle. My favorite Health “Guru”, says that he had to go 6 months on a 100% heavy green raw vegan diet, followed by a 45 day watermelon fast, followed by a 40 day water fast before he saw the mucoid plaque go out.[/bubble]